5 Best Motorcycle Brands
March 20, 2022

You are probably looking for a motorcycle and wondering the best brands to decide which you should buy. We’ve got you.

There are many fantastic motorcycle brands out there, and it can be hard deciding which to get. For you, w e have listed the five best motorcycle brands based on their durability, popularity, power, and comfort.

Let’s get started.


Ducati is an Italian motorcycle brand that has been in existence since 1929. It is owned by Audi, which the Volkswagen group owns. Ducati is reputable for its blend of engineering and art in its motorcycles. There is an attention to detail in all bikes manufactured by them. Italians are known for their designs in every form, and the Ducatti does not disappoint.


Japanese motorcycles are a force to reckon with in the industry. Yamaha has a reputation as the most prominent piano manufacturer globally, but they are also making waves in the manufacturing of motorcycles. The bike manufacturers are the second largest in the world in motorcycle sales. Yamaha is reported as having the most extensive fan base. This fame can be partly attributed to their participation in the Moto GP and Valentino Rossi as their poster boy.


BMW Motorrad is a german motorcycle brand , with ‘ Motorrad ’ being the german word for motorcycle. BMW has been in existence since 1901, and they manufactured their first motorcycles in 1923. The brand is an embodiment of Germany’s raw power in engineering. There is no doubt about the excellent engineering that BMW provides.

BMW are reputable for their sportbikes and the adventure flair they provide. BMW has enjoyed excellent positioning in the adventure market, and this is why two of its bikes (R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure) accounted for close to one-third of BMW’s sales as a company.


Kawasaki started off manufacturing aircraft before they ventured into manufacturing motorcycles in 1963. Their most popular bikes are the KLR and the Ninja. Like BMW motorcycles, their bikes are famous as great sportbikes .

Kawasaki bikes are solid and fast, and the Kawasaki Z650 is one of the fastest bikes right now. The Kawasaki KLR650 is also notable for its suitability for long-distance journeys.


Last but not least is Harley-Davidson. The Bike Manufacturers need no introduction as they have dominated the American market and beyond for decades. They have been in existence since 1903 and were founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Harley-Davidson can boast of being the biggest and most popular bike brand globally and would not be far from right. The company boasts of a large following and movement worldwide.

Harley-Davidson has a reputation for its sharpness and swagger. They have a wide range of motorcycles that caters to all bikers’ needs.

You can’t go wrong with any of these brands as your pick when getting a motorcycle. You are getting the best irrespective of whichever you pick from the list. Their history and attention to detail make them stand out from their competitors.