Best Dog Breed Choices for First-Time Pet Owners
March 6, 2022

Are you planning to get a dog for the first time? T hen, t his article is for you . Here, we present an extensive summary of the best dog breeds for you.

Let’s begin.

Labrador retrievers

The American Kennel Club states that the Labrador retriever is the most loved breed in the United States. It has been the most popular breed for the past 30 years. It is adored by most people because it is well-suited for household and city life.

The Labrador retriever can be described as a sturdy breed, measuring about 23 inches at shoulder height and weighing 70 pounds on average. They come in yellow, chocolate, or solid black colors. Their coat is very thick and water repellent–hence, they need the occasional bath to stay clean.

The Labrador is famous for its friendly disposition. It bonds quickly with its owners, their families, and other dogs. They are a very energetic breed, too. They enjoy intense exercise sessions, like swimming and playing fetch. Therefore , it is advisable to allow your Labrador out for a few hours each day, in the compound or on a walk. If they don’t exercise frequently, their pent-up energy can lead them to become destructive.

In training, Labradors display aptitude and intelligence. Labradors’ enthusiasm, however, can make them difficult to teach, especially as they grow older. It is always advised to start the training as early as possible–from 7 weeks to about four months–to instill discipline in the puppy and train it into a well-mannered adult.

French Bulldogs

Developed from the English Bulldog, the French Bulldogs are more of a miniature form themselves. The significant differences, apart from their sizes, are the large, erect ears of the French variety and the half-domed, half broad skull.

The American Kennel Club recognized the French Bulldogs in 1898. Their maximum height is 13 inches, while they weigh about 30 pounds in adulthood. They are popular among city dwellers because of their capacity for adaptability–whether you are too busy or you are available for it, the French Bulldog thrives well. They also have an amazing temperament that enables them to get along well with humans and other dogs.

Frenchies are short, muscular dogs with short coats. Characteristic’ folds surround their short snout. ’ Their short coat doesn’t require much grooming. However, a little brushing daily wouldn’t go amiss–it makes the dog look a lot more presentable and distributes the skin oils evenly.

French Bulldogs are strong-willed animals . And t o some extent, this impedes training at times. However, this stubbornness can be alleviated by starting the training quite early. Treats can also be used in training, but they must be only a few times.

Frenchies are prone to respiratory diseases due to their short snouts. Thus, they must not exert themselves in hot and humid places. They are also susceptible to obesity. Their owners should control their intake of food with high-fat content.

German Shepherd dogs

The German shepherd dogs are regarded as the most versatile dog breed globally. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1908. They were developed in Germany in the 19th century to help with herding animals. They are characteristically intelligent animals with a high level of loyalty and confidence that makes them widely accepted.

The average German Shepherd dog stands at 23 inches shoulder height and weighs about 60 pounds. They have medium-length coats and shed fur two times every year. They don’t require intensive grooming, except when they are shedding. They, like every other dog breed, need regular nail trimming.

German Shepherd dogs need a lot of exercise s , as they are naturally energetic animals. Regular daily walks and canine games, like fetch, help them stay fit. Otherwise, they develop undesirable traits and become destructive.

GSDs are exceptionally brilliant during training, especially when the training starts from when they are younger. Treats can be used to encourage enthusiasm.

German Shepherd dogs are naturally healthy as long as they are properly managed.

Other popular breeds among dog lovers include:

Golden retrievers

English Bulldogs



Doberman Pinschers

These three breeds discussed above are the most popularly owned dog breeds worldwide. Before you decide to get any dog, you must understand its demands and characteristics.