Caring for Your Taxidermy Mounts: A Guide
February 28, 2022

Nothing beats the excitement of returning home from a hunting trip with your latest trophy. The joy that comes with preserving your trophy after carefully treating your taxidermy animal knows no bounds, as you will constantly be inundated with memories of that particular kill and all the efforts that went into it. However, as time goes by, you will realize that a great deal of care will be required to keep your trophy shiny and elegant.

This is why we have compiled this helpful guide to assist you in preserving your mount with some easy and efficient methods that make it easy to keep your trophies looking life-like in the coming years.

The Dos: H ow to care for Your Mount

After you have mounted your trophy using any of the various mounting methods, here are some valuable bits of what you should do to take care of it:

Use Utmost Care to Handle Your Animal

When it comes to mounting an animal, endeavor to handle it with great care to avoid damaging the hair or the feathers and clean any blood before taking it to a taxidermist. Ensure to keep it dry while transporting and only use the style of mount recommended by your taxidermist.

Dust it Once a Week

Taking off a few minutes each week to dust your mount can make a whole lot of difference. It usually involves using feather dust or a soft, dry rag to clean your mount from top to bottom , all its surfaces, including the surrounding scenic habitat. This helps to return it to its gleaming state.

Redesign the Outline and Shape of Your Mount

As time goes by, some mount details could wear off due to exposure to external agents. As such, if you discover any missing component on your mount, you can apply a coat of clear sealer to restore its shine. 

The Don’ts: What to Avoid While Taking Care of Your Taxidermy Animal

Do Not Expose Your Mount to Too Much Smoke

D isplay your mount away from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces that produce smoke. Avoid smoking cigarettes or cigars around the mounts as this could lead to premature aging of your mount.

Avoid Using Chemical-Based Household Cleaners

Home-based detergents usually contain dangerous components that could harm the surface of your mounts, such as leaving behind greasy particles. Therefore, it is essential to only use expert-recommended cleaners for your mounts to avoid any damage.

Avoid Constant Touching of Your Mount

While it is normal to hold your mount, too much touching can disturb the hairs on your mount. And when handling, avoid brushing your hands backward as this could break the feathers or furs.

Maintaining your taxidermy mounts does not require so much expert knowledge as you can employ a set of practical guides to keep your mount in its original and pristine state. The above methods are easy and efficient to preserve your mount and keep it for decades to come.