Safety Tips When Riding A Motorcycle
March 4, 2022

Riding on a motorcycle is a fun and thrilling experience. However, there is no doubt that there are risks attached to riding a bike. These risks are profound, considering that a motorcycle does not afford you as much protection as cars do to motorists. Simply put, there are more risks involved when riding a bike. On the positive side, safety measures can compensate for this.

We have compiled a list of safety tips to aid you in your motorcycle journey. These tips are to be observed at all times. Remember, the goal is to be safe and free from harm.

Take a safety course

Riding a bike may seem easy, but it requires skills and good judgment. A safety course is to get you acquainted with the road rules for bikers. These rules are essential to keep you and other road users safe. They prepare you for situations that may arise while riding your motorcycle. Alongside this, take riding lessons before you hit the road on your bike.

Purchase the right bike

There are a variety of bikes out there but picking the right bike is vital. It would be best to read up on the bikes you have and see their features and what purpose they serve. As a beginner, it is advisable to look out for entry-level bikes and ones with the right build and weight, making them comfortable and straightforward to ride. Also, your bike should be a good fit for you, making it easy to handle; you should be able to access the ground with your foot for abrupt stops, and the handlebars should have a firm grip.

Use protective gears

Protective gears are essential. They are primarily to protect in case of a bike crash. Make sure you are fully covered and all your body parts are protected with a form of protective equipment. Protect your face with a full-face helmet, one with a face shield. The helmet reduces the impact your head may have with any object. Other protective wears include high boots covering your ankles, long trousers covering your legs, bikers gloves, and an abrasion-resistant jacket with armor. The weather may not be conducive for such gears, but they are essential. Remember, safety first!

Inspect your bike

Inspect your bike before taking it out for a ride. Ensure that the engine is in good shape and functioning well. Keep an eye on the brakes, tire, and oil level. Do not drive with broken mirrors and lights. Also, avoid loose bolts, oil leaks, or anything that could cause a potential mechanical hazard.

It would be best to carry out regular maintenance on your bike. It complements the regular checks on your motorcycle and is not an alternative for it.

Check the weather forecast

Ensure to check the weather forecast before setting out. Rainy or snowy weather is a biker’s worst nightmare as it impairs your visibility. Don’t expose your body or bike to such unfavorable conditions. Wet or icy roads are also not favorable to a two-wheeled vehicle.

Be visible

Be visible to other road users, especially motorists. Motorists usually only focus their minds on other motorists, so always anticipate the drivers’ moves ahead. Avoid blind spots and only overtake from the side where the driver is seated. Also, make use of your pointers and use hands gestures when necessary.

Stay on the lookout for impending dangers that can be easily averted.

Apply these tips always and n ever consider the distance of your trip. Anything could happen even during short travels that you think as totally safe.