The Motorcycle & Its Rider: 7 Hacks to Never Forget
February 27, 2022

As a rider, you are always looking to have a fun experience. But it’s also essential that your bike is free from fault or damage. Learning motorcycle hacks can make this possible.

Here is a list of seven motorcycle hacks to aid you on your riding journey:

1. Use baby wipes for cleaning

Baby wipes can help clean your bike and its accessories. Using baby wipes is an excellent way to ensure cleanliness and minimal dust.

2. Make a commentary of your journey while riding

It will keep you more attentive to details and help you stay visible at all times, whether to motorists or other road users. Making a commentary of your journey involves you stating actions you take while riding and pointing out what you see. For example, you can note that you are overtaking the driver from the right-hand side and then internalize the fact that you should not be doing so since that is the driver’s blind spot.

3. Wear a Comfortable Gear

There are times when you are tempted to ride without your protective gear in the summer because of the hot weather. Resist that temptation. Instead, you can make holes in your protective wear to reduce the heat. For example, you can create openings in your jacket to let air flow freely. That way, you are still protected while cooling off.

4. Lubricate Your Clutch

It is not unusual for your clutch to be loose when you haven’t ridden it for quite a while, as this is needed for regular lubrication. To fix this, remove your clutch plates and soak them in oil overnight. Soak the clutch plates in the order you removed them. After this process, you will realize that your clutch is more effective.

5. Keep your Helmet Clean and Safe

Your helmet deserves some tender loving and care, but some form of care can damage the structure of the helmet and the visor in particular. An automotive polish can soften the bugs in your gloss helmet wh en you let the polish sit in for a few minutes. It also gives your helmet a shiny feeling and makes it easier to clean the next time.

6. Use News Papers to Absolve wetness

Newspapers can help keep you warm as they are a reliable form of protection from the cold. Just stuff some of them in your jacket. Newspapers can also act as alternatives when you need to sun dry your wet boots. Wrap some newspapers and place them inside the shoes, they’ll help absolve the wetness , and you are good to go.

7. Try the Le mon Juice Water Solution

You may end up smelling like gasoline when you stop at the gas station or in the process of fixing a minor fault on your bike. To fix this, mix soap and lemon juice in hot water. Wash your hands with the mixture and scrub multiple times. Rinse your hands when done , and the gasoline smell is gone.

You are sure to have a fun riding experience with these hacks. They will also ensure that you always have a solution for the specific problems raised in this piece.