Trendy Motorcycle Gadgets & Accessories for You
March 21, 2022

There are ways to improve the outlook of your bike or your riding experience. The rise in various technologies has brought about more sophistication as products are invented to provide you with safety, convenience, and comfort. These varieties of motorcycle accessories are more valuable to you than you can imagine.

You can benefit from one or two of these existing technologies regardless of what bike you use. We recognize the inconvenience of scrolling through various stores to discover the trendy gadgets at the moment.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the latest devices and accessories for your motorcycle. Let’s go!

Viva home steel hydraulic jack

The jack lift makes it easy to repair and maintain your motorcycle. It has a maximum capacity of 1,500 pounds and, as such, can handle small vehicles such as motorcycles irrespective of its size. This equipment is safe and easy. It has safety locks that ensure that your bike does not fall off when servicing or repairing it.

Glx unisex-child gx623 Helmet

The Glx unisex-child gx623 is a good fit for your kids. It ensures optimal impact absorption that exceeds the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) standards. The chin is said to experience the most impact when your head collides with an object. The gx623 helmet provides an enhanced impact absorption at the chin bar. The helmet also includes vents that ensure maximum airflow while the helmet is on.

Racer gloves

There is every probability that you attempt to use your hands if you fall from your bike. Gloves are essential to absorb the impact when your hands hit the ground and avoid dislocating or breaking your wrist. Racer’s High-Speed gloves are a good fit for you. Their gloves are made with quality leather and stitching. It is easy to control the handlebars when riding and they are prepared to absolve impact in case of a fall. They protect against hyperextension of your wrist.

MotoGadget M-Lock RFID Ignition Lock

Although push-button start ignition has yet to become a trend with motorcycles, Motogadget has devised a way to put your bike ahead of its time. The invention of its M-Lock RFID ignition lock has made this possible. It comprises a digital Radio frequency identification(RFID)-enabled-key fob and a receiver. There is a transponder within the key fob, and your bike automatically starts when you press it to the receiver.

Setting up this technology can be tricky. However, professionals at your local shop can easily install it.

SENA 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera

Sena is one of the big tech powerhouses in creating technology gadgets for motorcycles. Sena is focused on building the most powerful tools in the world of motorcycle communications systems. Sena’s 10C Pro model is armed with a built-in live-action camera. The device allows for connectivity with four other riders within a mile radius. The 10C Pro also includes an internal speaker and microphone that you can insert into the helmet for accessible communication while on the move.

These are just some of the gadgets and accessories that can make your journey more convenient and safe. The list is inexhaustible as new technologies are invented daily to cater to bikers’ needs.