Why Is Winter The Best Hunting Season?
January 24, 2022

Winter may be your least favorite season, but many hunters look forward to it because it makes hunting easier. If you don’t mind bundling yourself in several layers of clothing , you can take advantage of the winter season for good kills.

Some advantages of hunting in winter include:

1. Spotting game is easier

Deer has a natural camouflage that makes it difficult for hunters to spot them among trees, and sighting a deer becomes more complicated when dead, brown leaves are on the ground. But this won’t be the case during winter , when the forest may be covered by snow.

Besides visibility, animals are more active, increasing your chances of crossing paths with them.

When snow is fresh, animals pick up movement because, like humans, animals exert more energy during cold weather to maintain their body temperature. This also means an increased need for food.

Although you can’t be sure of situations during hunting, heavy snow may favor you. If you set up close to a food source or between a food source and bedding area, you are more likely to sight more movements and hopefully make a kill.

2. Tracking animals is easier

After it snows, animals are more likely to move around, and the snow makes identifying movement easy. You can quickly determine the age and size of the animal and how long ago it crossed a path.

Fresh tracks usually have sharp edges with snow-packed at the bottom of the track, while older tracks are enlarged and crumbled with ice. If you find a fresh animal track, you can follow the animal, but if a track doesn’t appeal to you, you can move on instead of spending hours searching for it.

Snow also makes spotting other signs of deer activity, such as scrapes and urine easier. If you are on a blood trail, snow makes your hunt far easier.

It is best to hunt after 1 – 2 inches of snowfall because it helps cover the old tracks while keeping the fresh tracks visible.

3. You are harder to detect

When heavy snow is pouring down, the thick precipitation and high winds make you less visible to a deer. If you’re wearing white cloth, you can blend with the snow. Besides, the snow camo is less expensive than the conventional camouflage.

The high winds can also carry your scent away from your game during a blizzard and cover your sounds.

4. Hauling your kill is easier

Your hunting doesn’t end after you’ve made a kill, and you can’t leave the dead animal lying anywhere. Hauling your kill through rock-filled forest paths or grassy fields is usually straining, but snow makes the job easier. You can also use a sledge to transport your kill, while the snow serves as a natural preservative.

Outdoor activities, including hunting during the winter season, are underrated. Getting active in the cold can help keep you warm, plus your hunting becomes easier. Whether you’re a new hunter or have been hunting for several years, you can easily reach the highlight of your hunting trip – spotting and killing an animal.